Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's Been Awfully Quiet In Here

If anyone's been wondering why I haven't posted in awhile, I've been going through some medical treatments and haven't felt up to posting. In fact, I haven't been doing much photographically at all. Not even editing or working on albums. You can read about it on my family blog if you're inclined.

Yesterday though I dragged a chair out and my wife and son set up the lights and backdrops for a maternity shoot. I shot everything either lying down or sitting. Sitting was actually easier.

The shot above was the toughest as my muscles are too weak to hold my head up for very long. I'd take a shot and lay my head back down. Take a shot and lay my head back down. Kinda like being a sniper or something.

This is my oldest son and his wife. If it hadn't been for that and the nearness of the due date I doubt I would have taken this on. It wasn't too bad though. I normally stop frequently to let mom-to-be rest a bit, but yesterday we stopped much more frequently to let the photographer rest a bit.

This was a planned outage, so I hadn't taken on any additional weddings or other assignments for a couple of months, but that brings up a question brides may want to ask, and that is, "What if something happens and you aren't able to take the photos for my wedding?" The right answer would be that the photographer isn't just the Lone Ranger but belongs to a professional group and/or has developed partnerships or relationships with other photographers in the area who are capable of delivering great images.

As far as "great images" go, I haven't done much to these and they're pretty much right out of the camera. I'll do my usual editing as I feel better and replace these. But I felt well enough that I might take on a few small jobs (no location stuff though) as long as it can be done from a kitchen chair.

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