Friday, March 7, 2008

Carrie and George

I had a great time last Saturday shooting a graduation set with Carrie and George, the wonder dog......

I think George was diggin' all the attention. It wasn't enough that he was getting his portrait taken, nearly everyone who passed by on a nearby hiking trail had to comment on how beautiful he was. George was soakin' it all in.......

We went out to the desert at the base of Superstition mountain and shot among the Saguaro, Ocotillo and Mesquite. We hoped to find fields of Mexican Golden Poppies, but the best we could do was a small group of 4. That's OK. There was plenty of other vegetation after our very wet winter. Even without poppies I think we got some good shots.

While we were out there, Carrie's mom lost her cell phone. They went back through the brush to look for it (apparently George isn't a good tracking dog) while I packed up and then joined them. They hadn't found the phone, but Carrie found my bluetooth headset laying on the ground. I'd never have found it (especially since I didn't even know it was gone).

We went back down to pick up my gear and head to the cars. I mentioned I'd looked at the area where some of their things had been laid down but hadn't seen the phone. Carrie walked right over and looked in the same spot and guess what she found...... That's right. The phone I didn't even see. Next time I lose something, I'm calling Carrie to help me look for it.

Later that day I went by Usery Mountain Pass and got to shoot mountain bikers free-riding on a jump course. There were a group of us that got together to shoot the bikers just for material for our portfolios. At dusk I set up a group shot and got one of the bikers to allow me to attach a flash to his handlebars. I triggered the camera as he flew over the jump.

All in all...... a fun day.